Dr. Karr and his staff were all very efficient and pleasant. They follow-up with me and showed concern for my well being. I am a Cancer Survivor and have spent countless hours in doctors offices. I’ve learned to be picky…and I highly recommend this facility.

Diana H.

Dr. Karr was great.  My son had an ear infection and Dr. Karr made sure I understood what was happening and treatment options.  I checked in via their website and there was no waiting.  Highly recommend this place.  I understand the doctor owns the place and I think that makes a difference as well.

Carter K.

This was the best urgent care experience that I’ve ever had! The facility is immaculate and we were seen right away. The staff was super friendly and empathetic–exactly what I needed because I came in with my four sick children. The nurse practitioner, Lauren, was very patient and allowed me to stop the examination to give my baby a bottle. She even gave us a starter dose of our medication to get us feeling better as soon as possible.The medical assistants were amazing as well. They were able to get a throat culture on my oldest who never lets anyone near his mouth. Lastly, I was encouraged to call back if I had any questions or concerns. It’s obvious that they really care about their patients and I will definitely use them again!

Lindsay K.

Sinai Urgent care was an amazing experience! when I brought my daughter there after she fell and needed an xray, everything was perfect. The Doctors and nurses were extremely nice and helpful, they got my results immediately, and we were in and out in under 45 minutes. An ER would have taken at least 3 hours! I highly recommend Sinai and will be using them whenever I need them!

Yoni Sonnenblick

Dr. Karr is AMAZING! My experience at Sinai Urgent Care was by far the best experience I’ve ever had at an urgent care clinic, or any doctor’s office at all for that matter. My family and I will most definitely be repeat clients! Dr. Karr took the time to really listen to my concerns and clearly explain things to me. The kind of care I received from Dr. Karr and his staff is hard to find these days. The entire experience from online check-in, short wait time, front office process, the actual exam, and checkout far exceeded my expectations. Patients are usually just pushed through the process like objects in most medical offices, with no real compassion or concern from doctors.Not the case here! I felt that I mattered and that Dr.Karr empathized with me. He was very thorough, listened to my concerns and took the time to listen and explain things to me. The staff is wonderful too! So glad to have found them!

Jennifer Cagle

Dr. nick really cares about his patients. In my opinion he is the best medical care you can find in Dallas.

Trevor T.

Dr. Nick Karr was by far the best doc I have encountered in an Urgent Care facility.  His bed manner is the stuff dreams are made of when it comes to visiting a doctor at an Urgent Care facility (staff doesn’t know you from Adam  usually).  Sadly without insurance, I’ve had to visit Prima Care, Care Now and a couple  other stand alone facilities of this type in the last 3 years and I’d walk in there nervous and come out almost in tears over the way they treated me.  Somehow it was always my fault I got sick, my fault I didn’t come in sooner and my fault that I wasn’t getting any better.  I even ended up at one of those ER rooms and sadly was met with the same disdain.  No such thing here at Sinai.  From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by their staff with a smile, was taken to the patient room immediately and Dr. Karr came in right away,  listened to my problems and concerns and even made plans for me to follow up and take the next step to getting healthier.  Didn’t refer me to my “regular physician” for follow up (like most urgent care doc do t get rid of you), instead said that he’d prefer if I could come I and see him or his NP in a few days and see my problems and what we can do to get me back on track.  I HIGHLY recommend their services to anyone in need (not to mention that co-pay was more reasonable that anyone actual doctor’s office I’d called and I helps that he happens to get a very attractive guy!  LOL). S than you Dr. Karr for making this one of the better experiences of my week!!!  I will see you/your staff soon!

Donna V.

I recently used the services provided by Sinai Urgent Care and I was extremely pleased. I am a Physician Assistant recently retired after 33 years. Before that I was a respiratory therapist and prior to that a medic in the Air Force. I’ve been in medicine a long time and have seen massive changes in medicine, not all for the good. The recent change in Healthcare, caused by Obamacare, has made Physicians practice differently. Now, documenting has become so primary, and electronic recording so impersonal, that many Physicians fail to look at their patients when they listen or speak to them, but stare into the computer screen. Many, mine included don’t even touch their patients. I’m sure many of you are experiencing the same thing. It’s cold, impersonal, and many times not as effective. You discover much at a patient visit by how a patient says something, their body language, how they feel to your touch. As a healthcare provider I’ve been very disappointed in many of the changes and I’m sure you are too.

I found a breath of fresh air at the new Sinai Urgent Care. The facility is beautiful and clean, the staff friendly and professional and the Physician very proficient and approachable. When you look at someone in the eye when you speak and listen intently, you are developing rapport. When you develop a rapport with your patient they feel more at ease speaking to you and will tell you things they don’t feel comfortable telling someone staring at a computer screen.

On the first day of my first job as a Physician Assistant in a small town in Kansas, my Physician sat me down and said, ” Look every patient in the eye when you speak, listen and look at them when they speak, write later. Examine every patient you see no matter what their complaint”. I’ve always remembered, that and tried to do his advice justice when I was working. It has been sad to see this standard of care disappear.

If you need an Urgent Care facility and want a Professional, interested, attentive staff and a Physician who will listen intently and thoroughly examine you, then try this facility. I did and it reminded me how much I miss talking directly to my Physician without the laptop, and how much more I actually trusted what he said after he had examined me.

James Carter

This place is truly wonderful. I have been experiencing mild chest pain for a while and finally after browsing reviews online, I decided to go into a clinic today. I’m so glad I chose Sinai.

Dr. Loyd was so professional and truly one of the friendliest doctors I have ever met. The staff is diverse and ever so kind. They offered us bottled water from the moment we stepped through the door, (a small but truly sincere gesture of kindness). I don’t have insurance and had to pay in cash but before they began any tests, Dr. Loyd sat down and explained what the charges would be. I don’t think any of my doctors have ever done that before. I ended up having an ECG and a few X-Rays but let me tell you, if I would have gone to any other clinic I’m sure my bill would have been over $500. (It was less than half of that), other clinics wanted to charge $300+ for the appointment ALONE.

Thanks again Dr, Loyd and even though I don’t expect to return soon, if the time comes I know exactly where to turn for medical help, even though we live over 15 miles away and we have several other options to chose from.

SO clean, fresh and friendly. 😀

Oh, one more thing …Just like any other doctors office …It’s a bit chilly, Bring a sweater! ;P

Mario Nevarez

Found Sinai Urgent Care on Yelp today (8/18/15) and after reading the reviews decided to go. The facility was easy to find, very clean and up to date. The administrative and nursing staff was friendly, helpful and easy to talk with. The nurse practitioner I saw was efficient, effective and had an awesome bedside manner. The cost was reasonable with very little wait time. Two thumbs up!

Maridon M.

There was no wait. Except for bathroom.  I did check in online.  Nurses and doctor were super nice and did not rush at all. They take all insurance and Medicare. I will definitely go back here instead of one of the other chains for urgent care.

Winnie H.

Incredible experience!  The staff was amazing, and the facilities are very clean.   We were able to get in and out within an hour.  My 6-year old wanted me to promise that we would always go to them for sick visits.   They did a better job than our primary care physician swabbing her  throat.   Love this place, and grateful for the care they provided my daughter.

Heather M.

When my wife’s migraines returned with a vengeance, our Hobson’s choice was Hospital or Clinic. Baylor was the closest hospital but after a quick Yelping, we found Dr. Karr and Urgent Care in Plano just south of the George Bush Tpke.

Life saved.

From my first phone call as we were 20 minutes away, I knew we’d made the right choice when the polite receptionist informed me that there was no line or wait list and they could see my wife immediately.

The facility itself is first class. Immaculately clean, the owners have considered that those not being treated need to be able to keep busy so they’ve installed two TVs — one for the kiddie area and another for the adult area.

Prior to even completing the new patient forms, my wife was whisked away and a few minutes later, Dr. Karr came out to let me know about my wife’s treatment and condition, how long she would be and any prescriptions needed.

Urgent care isn’t much different than any other retail establishment when it comes to service: Offer a positive and warm customer experience, excellent treatment and good value and watch those five star reviews keep coming.

Thanks Nick & Company!

Jay S.

The staff was awesome! Very kind & patient, and they definitely went above and beyond when we showed up! The facility is nice and clean. If necessary, I would go back!

Kim H.

The employees were cordial, helpful and understanding. They were quick to see me with hardly any wait and did their best to make me feel comfortable. Highly recommend it.

Raul L.

This is my second time visiting Sinai urgent care and they are amazing! Fast, friendly, and affordable! Never a long wait and they take great care of their patients!

Kristina G.

Efficient, caring, compassionate and take the time to make sure you understand what is going on. Super close to my house – this is my go to urgent care clinic for all my healthcare needs.

Katie S.

Very easy and fast.  I registered my appt on line, got there 15 minutes ahead, filled out paperwork and was seen at my appt time of 2:00.
Everyone there was friendly and professional.  They have their own lab and X-ray on site, and I was in and out very quickly with my necessary antibiotics and other med.  I saw a PA, and felt very comfortable with her.
I highly recommend this clinic.

Victoria O.

The staff here was so nice. I was able to check in online earlier in the morning, so the entire process of arriving, being seen, and leaving took less than thirty minutes. Charlotte Brown saw me, she was very nice, and the woman who did my cultures and my steroid shot was kind as well. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone who needs to be seen quickly!

Nancy K.

Really great patient care by Dr. Karr and staff. I would definitely recommend Sinai to family and friends!

Shayna A.

Nice staff, clean environment, and also checked in online so I had no wait. They also sent my prescription to my pharmacy so it was ready when I got there. I would highly recommend this Urgent Care.

Elisha D.

Easy online check-in. Got a text when it was time for me to head over. Professional staff greeted me. It’s always clean and quiet. Providers are knowledgeable and treat me with respect. I’ve received care here 4 times this year, and each has been a pleasant experience.

Laurie R.

This place was SO great! The staff is so friendly and they got me in right away. I would definitely recommend this UC location for anyone in North Dallas!

Becky I.

Very knowledgeable and excellent care. Took care of me and at a later date my mom.

Mark M.

I highly recommend this facility. They charge exactly what the website list. I was seen by Charlotte Brown, FNP-C. She was very professional, listened to my concerns then researched a solution. I feel that I received good information and have a group willing to help me work through the problems. Thank you.

Jim M.

Yesterday, I was seen by Dr. Nick Karr, at Sinai Urgent Care on Preston and Frankford Roads. I was most impressed with his kindness, demeanor, professionalism and expertise. Sinai is clean, modern and welcoming. Dr. Karr, an emergency room physician, has worked in some of the finest ERs in Dallas. We are so lucky to have him in the neighborhood. The staff is well-trained and pleasant. Highly recommend!

Linda D.

Third visit and received the care I needed. Clean, friendly, updated, quick, thorough, convenient. I’ll use them again and I’d recommend them.


I’ve broken my wrist after 5 pm, when my doctor’s office was already closed so in my painful search for urgent care, my insurance people recommended the Sinai Urgent Care. This place was wonderful! Compassionate people and very quick and professional care. They’ve done x-rays, made a very good quality splint, recommended for me to see an orthopedic specialist in the morning and gave me my x-rays on the disc as well as pain Rx. Nobody could’ve done it better! I went home and actually could sleep at night! Thank you Sinai Urgent Care! You’ve done an outstanding job!!!

Marina L.

I have been to this location three times over about an eight month period. It is much more convenient than going to a private doctor and they were very competent, friendly and helpful. Of course sometimes there is a wait but they do seem to try to move things along. I am very pleased with the service and courtesy and competencies at this urgent care location and would go back if needed.

Harlene K.

Took an elderly family member on Christmas night. The nurse practitioner, Charlotte Brown and staff were all wonderful. They addressed all of the patient’s concerns in a thoughtful and patient manner and provided a treatment plan that provided relief for all symptoms. They even stayed a bit past closing on Christmas night to call in prescriptions, etc…Was very impressed. Hope not to need urgent care services, but would return here if needed. Thank you!

Debra M.

Making our appointment online was convenient and we were able to get in quickly. The facility was clean and the employees were friendly. We saw Nurse Practitioner Brown and she was great with my son. She made several suggestions of over-the-counter treatments that proved beneficial.

Lisa S.

The doctors and PAs at Sinai are compassionate and highly competent! We have been there many times and have always been treated quickly and gotten great service.

Rachel A.

I was extremely impressed with the service and care I received at Sinai Urgent Care. Everyone with whom I dealt was friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I was treated with courtesy and respect and in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend this facility.

Laurie H.

Words can’t describe how communicative and thorough this clinic and their staff was! My
visit was very pleasant and I was in and out in less than an hour! I have never experienced a more pleasant visit EVER! Thank you to the staff

Maria G.

This place is great. They are very fast and nice. I would recommend this to anyone. Definitely would come back again.

Byan J.

2nd time visting this clinic. I Checked in online and was immediately seen upon my arrival. The doctors and nurses were incredibly efficient in competent. Could not say enough about this place.

Lori O.

Everything went well at my visit. I was in and out quickly and everyone was personable. Customer service was on point. I will use them in the future when needed and it’s convenient to my home as well

Candy T.

Excellent place!!! I have been here multiple times. Short wait time, overly professional care and caring attitude. Feel very very fortunate to have such an incredible medical option nearby.

Debbie D.