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Are you a COVID “Long-Hauler”?

-33% of COVID-19 patients suffer long-lasting symptoms.

-COVID-19 can cause long-term damage to the lungs, heart, brain, and/or blood vessels.

-Upwards of 85% of non-hospitalized patients diagnosed with Long-Haul COVID report ongoing neurologic symptoms.


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If you are still experiencing symptoms, you may have PASC (Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19)

Also known as Chronic COVID Syndrome (CCS) or “Long Haul COVID.” PASC is defined as COVID-19 symptoms lasting 30 or more days past initial COVID-19 infection. Anyone infected with COVID-19 can suffer from PASC including young, healthy people, and even if the initial disease at its peak only caused minor symptoms.

The list of PASC symptoms is long, wide, and inconsistent. For some people, the PASC symptoms are nothing like their initial COVID-19 symptoms. The most common PASC symptoms include:

•           Fatigue (most common)
•           Brain fog/difficulty concentrating
•           Shortness of breath
•           Difficulty sleeping
•           Depression or anxiety
•           Chest heaviness/pressure
•           Recurrent fever
•           Body aches/muscle aches
•           Heart palpitations
•           Diarrhea
•           Tingling sensations or “pins and needles”
•           Cough


How do you diagnose PASC?

Traditional COVID-19 testing is not sufficient as the vast majority of PASC patients test negative for COVID-19 active infection or antibodies.  Diagnosing PASC starts with a thorough evaluation by a medical provider.  After the initial evaluation, the provider may provide additional recommendations, including blood testing and other diagnostics, prescription medications, and/or a referral to a medical specialist.



        • Make an initial appointment at any of our clinics, where we will perform a comprehensive initial evaluation.
        • Our team will conduct testing either in our clinic or at an appropriate facility, including but not limited to EKG, chest X-ray, pulmonary function test, specialized blood test, urine test, MRI.
        • If necessary, we will prescribe medications and/or refer you to our trusted network of Medical Specialists. These may include Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, Neurologists, Physical Medicine, Psychotherapists, or Physical Therapists.

Citra Urgent Care is deeply committed to the ongoing health needs of our patients as we move beyond the initial phase of this pandemic to treating all those that were affected.  Rest assured we will continue to provide the same level of care for our patients that has earned us the reputation as the highest-rated urgent care in DFW.